EURECA-PRO Conference 2025

The Third EURECA-PRO Conference on Responsible Consumption And Production | 2023


26-29 Sept    Chania, Crete


Circular Economy
    • Product design for circularity
    • Recycling, reuse, upcycling, and longer lasting products
    • Circular business models 
    • Life Cycle Analysis of processes and products
    • Circular and closed-loop supply chains.
    • Responsible Consumption in the Circular Society
    • Policies for promoting RCP: From circular economy to circular society
Energy and Environment
    • Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply
    • Critical elements for clean energy transition
    • Cleaner energy and cutting-edge clean technological innovation
    • Protection of ecosystems (air, water, soil) and biodiversity
    • Nature-based solutions for environmental protection
Low Carbon and
Sustainable Materials
    • Sustainable production of materials
    • Responsible material flows
    • Cutting-edge technologies for RCP
    • Sustainability and environmental impact of low carbon cement and green concrete
    • Cement substitution
    • Sustainability in Cultural Heritage Buildings
IT/AI for Sustainable Manufacturing
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and Cloud Computing in Sustainable and Green Manufacturing Systems
    • Automation and robotics in sustainable production 
    • Digital Twins for sustainability and circular economy
    • Green Logistics
    • Industry 4.0/5.0
    • Human factors in sustainable manufacturing
Farm to Fork: Practicing RCP
    • Sustainable food production
    • Sustainable food processing and distribution
    • Sustainable food consumption
    • Food loss and waste prevention
Smart and Healthy Societies
    • Social innovation and social impact of RCP
    • Sustainable Regions – Cities – Tourism
    • Sustainable and green urban planning, buildings, and mobility
    • Digitalization of society (work, home, services)
    • Community practices on sustainability
    • Sustainable lifestyle and cross-cultural perspectives in RCP
RCP/Sustainability in Health Promotion
    • Sustainability in disease prevention
    • Health promotion and sustainability
    • Innovative healthcare promotion
    • Environmentally sustainable health systems
    • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on RCP
    • Expanding sustainable healthcare initiatives and deteriorating wellbeing status: addressing this world-wide paradox
Educating for a Sustainable Future
    • Εducation on sustainability in Primary and Secondary Schools
    • Climate and biodiversity education for sustainable development
    • Sustainable lifestyle and healthcare education
    • Higher Education on sustainability: academic curricula and scientific research
    • Traditional practices and cultural heritage promoting sustainability 
    • Innovative Educational Practices – Problem-Based Learning in RCP
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